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Our products

Microelectronic pressure and force sensors

Microelectronic pressure
and force sensors

  • Operating pressure range from 0-0,06 to 0-500 MPa
  • Operating temperature range from -200 to +200 °C
  • Titanium body
Pressure transmitters with rated signal

Pressure transmitters
transmitters with rated signal

  • Operating pressure range from 0-0,1 to 0-250 MPa
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to +85 °C
  • Reliable sealed stainless steel body

“Silicon-on-Sapphire” Technology

The production of company made on the “Silicon-on-Sapphire” Technology has variety of advantages:

Design features of pressure sensors

Design features of pressure sensors

Monocrystal silicon
Wheatstone bridge

bonding pads

sapphire diaphragm

Titanium diaphragm

  • Sensitive element of pressure sensors is a double-layer sapphire-titanium diaphragm with monocrystal silicon resistance strain gauges.
  • Exceptional insulating properties and radiation resistance of sapphire enable to use the sensitive element within temperature range from -200 to +350°С under the effect of high electromagnetic interferences and radiation.
  • Monocrystal sapphire diaphragm is a perfect elastic element that due to connection with titanium acquires the best quality as to the deformation level, and preserves its elastic properties up to 400°С.
  • Monocrystal silicon resistance strain gauges are automatically connected with sapphire (heteroepitaxy method) and provide almost no hysteresis or fatigue effects.
  • Strain gauges elements are manufactured in groups by solid-state microelectronic methods and provide high quality and good repeatability of the output parameters.

Design and production of pressure sensors at customer’s requirements


We are open for cooperation all over the world

Microtensor has customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Finland, China and India.

We are open for cooperation all over the world




About company

Microtensor is a designer and manufacturer of microelectronic pressure and force sensors and microelectronic pressure transmitters on the base of “Silicon-on-Sapphire” structures.

Production was founded in 1980.

Ever-improving technical process, modern equipment and constant advanced training of our specialists make possible to develop and produce new transmitters of our own design and at customer’s requirements.

Competitive performance of Microtensor’s products is achieved by highly experienced staff.